What we do...

Here at pbakerandson all our work is cut to size, constructed and fitted by us, be it standard sized or a bespoke design that is required. This gives us greater flexibility and a wider range of options that we can offer to you, the customer. What does this mean? Basically when designing your Kitchen (for example) with us you can have ANY colour available in ANY size exactly how YOU want it and  NOT how a computer says you can have it!

When dealing with us, (Paul and Rob) we are the only people you will need to speak to regarding any work throughout the whole process. There are no pesky salesmen or customer service people to slow you down or get in your way and we are available to assist you in any advice or questions you may have.

We also offer a wide range of double-glazed Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Laminate Flooring and Interior Doors!

How it works...

Once an appointment has been made for a free quotation the basic measurements and design work needed will be taken and a price is given to you there and then, leaving you with as much hassle free time as you need. When a price is agreed more measurements and design work can be done at this time if needed and a small deposit (deducted from price) is required to set the wheels in motion.


In most cases we will be ready to commence fitting within 3 weeks but this can sometimes be sooner depending on our schedule. Once a job has been started it is continued until finished and never left unfinished unless absolute necessary ensuring minimal disruption in and around your Home. All mess (if any) made is cleaned up afterwards leaving you with as little work possible before you can start using your new Furniture.

Payment in full is not required until you are satisfied with any work we under-take and is complete.


​After Care & Guarantee...

All our work is Guaranteed directly by us and or the manufacturer depending on the type of work undertaken. Once a job is complete we will also advise you on how best to look after and maintain your furniture, appliances etc and assist you in becoming familiarised with how they may work should you need us to.

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